Database Development Services

What We Offer?

As part of our Database Services we do provide services end to end Database Development services like Data Modelling, DB Re Design, DB Migrations, Data Extraction, Data Transformation, ETL / EL / ELT etc. We are specialized in to Oracle, Postgres, SQLServer and MySQL databases.

Database Design / Modelling / Re Design: We are here to help whether a customer needs a modelling for their new database or designing or revamp their existing database. Our expert Design / Modelling service helps the customer in having the future rich as well as feature rich databases.

DB / Data Warehouse Auditing / Review: Where as review places a major role in software development, especially during the Database Modelling /Design stage, it is absolutely difficult to get such resources. If the design is not in a proper way, it impacts a lot for any future enhancements. Our Auditing service includes reviewing the database at various levels including schema level, table level, column level reports. In Conclusion, Our review service can help you to find various possible glitches like below:

  • Data type mismatches
  • Column size issues
  • Lack of referential integrity
  • Naming convention
  • Many more.

DB Migrations: Migration is an important aspect in the life cycle of a database. We do provide different types of migrations. Below is the list of few of our services:

  1. Legacy DB to the new DB
  2. Between the versions (especially from old versions to new/latest version)
  3. Migrate between the different databases. Ex: Postgres to Oracle
  4. File system (txt/csv/xls etc) to the database
  5. Conversion of data in to the newly built ERP Databases

Along with the above migrations we also provide APIs based Data Migration.

Data Integrations / Interfaces: Apart from the DB Development, it is a regular requirement to integrate / interface between multiple systems whether they are external or internal. We are experts in both Inbound as well as Outbound Interfaces. Inbound – Interfacing the data from the third party / another system in to the current system. Outbound Interfaces/Extracts – Extraction / Sending the data in to other systems. Likewise, we also offer Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Extract, Load and Transform (ELT), Extract and Load (EL).

Converting the Database from Open Source to Proprietary or Vice Versa: In addition to the above services, We do offer services of converting their existing Open Source Database to a proprietary. Example: Postgres to Oracle. We can also offer Proprietary to Open Source. Example Oracle to Postgres.

You can contact us if you need any of our Database Development Services